I am Manuel Iglesias, I am a graduate in earth sciences from the University of Salamanca and the creator of Todo Esto Era Campo (TEEC), an initiative that aims to disseminate the geological heritage of the Spanish peninsula.
I knew that if I wanted to have a certain impact, I had to access the most relevant institutions: City Hall and Provincial Council. Finally, in early 2017, it was presented to sell my first idea: Todo Esto Era Campo (TEEC).
If I wanted my work to be more agile and less time and cost consuming, I knew I would have to train my programming and design skills. From there, I continued to collaborate with other institutions (such as the Caja Rural de Zamora Foundation) and in different projects, such as EducaTEEC, which try to foster the interest of high school students in Geology.
During the last year I carried out a somewhat more ambitious project, which is still ongoing: the Tellus Project, which seeks to show the wealth, this time, of the entire province. I'm still working on finding the way to signalling the routes in order to transmit a similar solid product at national level.
Also in 2019 I was coordinating a group of six young geologists who, together, have organized the Geolodía of 2019: we wanted to set a precedent in the organization of a scientific event with a young air. We are few, but we will make noise.