Summer 2020

The summer 2020 was so difficult due to Covid-19 situation. That is why we decided, in association with the regional government of Zamora, to make several outdoor activities in the province of Zamora. The past august we celebrated two trips for understand two geology symbols from our region: Peña Mira and Infiernos de Almaraz. The aim of the excursions was to show the variety of rocks inside our province and avoid the problems of Covid-19 in an uncontaminated environment. Under the heading: “Del Océano Rheico a Los Carochos” and “Geology Now: the water that quenches hell”, TEEC got a great attendance success.

vista de las Peñas de Santa Marta

Geomonumental route

Geomonumental route wants to show “the ways of rocks”. From their formation, millions of years ago, to their use as an ornamental and constructive stone in the history of Zamora. Besides, it reveal the secrets of rocks, the complete history of the ancient city.

Vista de las areniscas en los escarpes de Valorio

Route across the Cenozoic

Route across the Cenozoic wants to present the characteristics of river morphology. It analyses several examples of fluvial modelling, original sedimentary structures, quarries and landscapes in the amazing forest of Valorio (Zamora).

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