Where did it all begin?

You didn't have to go very far. Right next to home. An extraordinary sedimentary structure appeared on the facade of San Ildefonso (Zamora, Spain). Imagination did the rest. People had to know how fancifully shaped sediments had remained hidden until erosion and a stonemason brought it to the surface. It did not seem enough to explain the history of a monument without asking a few questions ... Where did those rocks form? What are they made of? What is that wavy shape?

How do we do it?

At TEEC we seek to bring Geology closer to ordinary mortals: awaken curiosity and make Earth Sciences a little less arid. We do it from different points of view, trying to reach as many people as possible. We are determined to make it easy and beautiful. That is why we work together with the administrations to seek financing when we value public goods. But also, we carry out personal projects when we do routes or go with groups to see stones.

And millions of years from now ... what?

The idea is to grow this way of disseminating. Bringing Geology closer to people from more and more places. Sayago's granites don't end when Zamora ends, neither does Ollo de Sapo when leaving Sanabria ... So, why not leave Zamora and explain a much more global concept?